What's New

Sombrero Adobe Coneflower


At only 18-20" high, Sombrero Adobe packs a lot of punch for its size.  Vibrant orange blooms stand out against a taller backdrop.  It loves sun and once established is fairly drought tolerant.  They are hard to come by- order yours today!


Fire and Ice Hydrangea

This zone 3 hydrangea starts out with a white bloom, then gradually pinkens and darkens, becoming a stunning burgundy by Autumn.  It is the perfect size for nearly any landscape at 3-5' high and wide.


Blue Mouse Ears Hosta



Though not entirely new, Blue Mouse Ears is looking particularly spectacular right now.  At a modest 8" high, Bue Mouse Ears is impressively hardy and a fantastic complement to most any other Hosta. 



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